Welcome (VIP)

You press your way through the jerking sea of bodies, each step marks a jitter, a fluttering butterfly, and a shudder of suspense. You continue to push forward and the slow wiggle-wobble of the figures all about you continue their spasms. You notice they are not simply sporadic and random but much more. Their movements are joyous, lively, festive… dancing! They bob and weave to the steady rhythm that drowns out all other airwaves.

Soon, you understand what you are hearing. It is music. It is music and it a pleasure to your ears. In fact, it its your favorite artist. You quickly find yourself to be dancing as well in a slow pulsing tempo as you brush past each sweaty writhing body. Ahead is the stage and you are headed straight to it. 

Suddenly, you are aware of something wrapped around your neck. It is a nuisance. Strangling and tangling it chafes your collarbone. You grab the thin piece of cheap polyester hanging around your throat and jerk, but you quickly stop. Dangling from the string is a rectangular piece of laminated plastic. It has writing on it. ‘VIP’ it says. You smile. It is no longer a nuisance 

The ocean of wriggling figures suddenly release you and you find yourself at the stage. Off to the side is a small set of roped off stairs. You struggle your way to the stairs and through the ropes. The stairs lead to a tunnel, a winding tunnel, and the loud music becomes muffled as you continue along. It is only moments before you reach a metal door and it feels cool at your touch. You can’t help yourself. You turn the handle and open the door.

On the other side of the door is my blog. You begin reading. It is a blast.